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Avoid wrong investments into suboptimal gear choices and save time and money by picking the right gear you really need to achieve your goals.

* This product is just eligible for currently enrolled Mastering Academy students and alumni! We limit our consulting to this group, as we already know the personal needs of our participants from the courses and coaching, and only our students and alumni participate (for a defined period of time) in the discounts that numerous well-known manufacturers offer our students.

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Do you have specific questions about gear, you are considering to buy ?
Book an individual Gear Consultation session with me, Farzi.

Throughout my career as a mixing and mastering engineer I had the opportunity to work with lots of gear in different studios with different setups. So that made me acquire a lot of knowledge about audio gear along my way.

What can we do for you better than a studio gear shop?

 We are manufacturer independent and we also recommend independent from what we have on stock because we don’t have stock. We rather look at gear from our perspective of a power user.

Secondly we know much more about boutique manufacturers than you. This includes for example when they had to change a single electronic component which made the sound change to the better or to the worse or what are the retirement plans of the builder and how may that affect the value of the gear on the long run.

All these little invisible things are included into the decision making process besides the knowledge to recommend the gear which is exactly right for your genre and field of work, so that you have long-lasting investments which will gain value over time rather than losing value.


You will be able to pick a time slot of your choice and will receive a Zoom Link and the appointment confirmation automatically. That’s basically all you need to know – click the button now and you’ll get to the next step.
See you soon.

Get better deals and save money!

Another side benefit is that Farzad will help you to get the best deals from the vendors.

This in conjunction with the right investment choices will save way more budget than the small investment in Farzad’s sophisticated gear consultation.

Before you consider buying any gear – which probably means investing lots of your hard-earned money – consider a consultation with me.

I will help you to get the best deals from the vendors I trust.