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Book your personal one-on-one advice to bring your skills and your projects to the next level and to internalize your already learned skills.

*This product is just eligible for currently enrolled Mastering Academy students and alumni! By allowing us to build on the concepts taught in the mixing and mastering courses, the available time is optimally used to further deepen and internalize the concepts. Since we have limited capacity, we offer this service exclusively to our students and alumni.

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You have already worked through the concepts of our Pro Mixing & Mastering program and have applied it on multiple projects but you run sometimes against limitations or get stuck or you are just simply insecure whether you are already there or not.

Having a trusted pitching partner can really help you to make sure to nail it, especially when an important project is at stake.

How does a One-on-One session work?

It basically works similar to the coaching sessions you are already familiar with.

Depending whether you demand a 1on1 for mixing or mastering you would upload your files accordingly to the Dropbox invitation folder you will receive in your confirmation email (stems & mix for mixing 1on1 and mix & master plus documentation of the chain for mastering 1on1).

You will be able to pick a time slot after you have finished the booking.
From here everything works as usual: You receive a zoom link for your session and you get in to that session on time. You should make sure to be well prepared and have finished uploading your files to the dropbox prior to your session.

As usual we will record the session and provide a replay after the session so that you can apply all the recommendations step by step so that you won´t miss a point.

Please pick a free slot of your choice and you will receive a Zoom Link and the appointment confirmation automatically. That’s basically all you need to know – click the button now and you’ll get to the next step.
See you soon.