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Join our highly successful students who achieved their dreams by taking industry-leading mixing & mastering-classes led by one of the most recognized coaches in the industry, Friedemann Tischmeyer.
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Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann Tischmeyer is one of the most recognized audio coaches in the industry.

He is not only the founder and head coach at Mastering Academy but also created renowned music production companies like the high end plugin company and is consultant to many companies leading the audio space such as PreSonus, Steinberg, Apple, Sony or Yamaha.

What our Students are saying...

Mastering Academy | Testimonial Carlos Hernandez | 4x Grammy Winner
Carlos Hernandez Mastering Engineer | 4x Grammy

“It has been an amazing experience! I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot. And I’m so thankful to you all for share your knowledges in such a natural way.”

Mastering Academy | Testimonial Angela Oeztanil | Broadcast Engineer
Angela Oeztanil Broadcast Engineer | Grammy Winner

“Not only Vicky Leandros has benefited from my Mastering Academy seminar, also Fury In The Slaughterhouse on their anniversary tour.”

Mastering Academy | Testimonial Kevin Lively | Mastering Engineer
Kevin Lively Mastering Engineer | Elton John, Usher, Aretha Franklin

“I gained a great deal of understanding that I previously didn’t fully understand even coming from many years of engineering audio.”

Bildschirmfoto 2022 08 17 um 10.52.37
Ludger Sauer Audio Engineer & Songwriter | Issa Musik

"I was always missing the last five to ten percent, where I said there's still head room there. Your Coaching granted me a much deeper understanding of the
mixing and mastering processes of audio."

You have some more questions please see our FAQ below

Mastering Academy offers you a personal live and online pro audio coaching led by industry-leading coaches who are themselves active in pro music business..

Yes. We’ve built a unique system to teach you live over the internet with high-resolution video and 24-bit uncompressed audio. This way we’ll show you every move live, you can ask questions and get personal answers tailored to you by industry-leading coaches who will know you by name, know your story, your work, your vision and actually care about you being successful. In fact, you will feel like you were with us in the same room.

That’s easy. Allow us an example. Did you ever cook with too much salt without noticing it? While others did? You didn’t notice because you’ve been used to too much salt. The more you got used to it, the more you poured it into your meals. You could say “How is that possible, I’ve learned from the best chef and his videos were soooo good!” For sure they were… But did the chef ever taste your soup himself? Of course not. It’s a video. It’s an educational one-way-street. Good for the cook, bad for you and your guests. That’s where we’re combining the advantages of technology with the good old way of teaching. One that can’t be replaced. We know your work, we figure out your weaknesses (believe us, you’ll be surprised to realise them) and we will teach you how to overcome them. It’ll take time, since the new recipe with less salt will feel wrong to you at first, but only until your taste readjusts and you’ll finally get real compliments for your mixes&masters. And your cooking.

We are located in Germany and our live coaching happens between 3pm-9pm CET. So far it has worked for all of our students. If you got any concerns regarding the potential time of your coaching – please contact us as we are happy to find a solution for you. We also build our groups so everyone finds a perfect fit.

We offer coaching in German and English.

Don’t worry if your English is not perfect. We’re audio engineers! We have students from all around the world and so far everyone understood everything. Also, our very relaxing atmosphere and warm attitude mean – if you didn’t understand something for whatever reason – just tell us and we will explain it again and again using different terminology or even show you the process live on the screen. You’ll be perfectly fine!

Our goal is to deliver the best education for you possible. That’s why we want to get to know you and your story first. We offer you a personal and non-biding call to find out which of our programs makes the most sense for you based on your level of experience. Schedule a free call and let’s find out how we can help you to achieve your dreams.

Don’t worry! Our program is a unique solution to address exactly that. Most of our students are active engineers with busy schedules or have other backgrounds with limited time.

We designed our program to give you the most benefit in a reasonable amount of time throughout the week. You should plan with 2-3 hours a week of your time during the Mixing/Mastering Power House phase and 5-6 hours a week during the Pro Mixing/Mastering Power House during the second phase. This amount of time includes a weekly live Q&A of 1 hour, studying pre-recoded material that takes 1-3 hours per week and a 2-hour live coaching itself.

Of course you’re welcome to spend more time with practicing and using the knowledge you’ve acquired. But it’s surely up to you and we know what it means to be super busy. We understand.

Our concept is unique and that makes us special. We teach you online, live and you can be located technically basically everywhere. You will listen to the coaching in a 24-Bit uncompressed audio and watch us from 4 different angles plus the screen view. Most other solutions are either very time consuming and require you to be someplace or are simply pre-recorded videos with no one to answer your questions. And questions always come up. What makes our Academy the best of its kind are the coaches who take time to get to know you personally and care about you feeling comfortable and getting a tailored education to bring the best out of you. We can proudly say – we are unique. Just like you.

Every session is recorded and will be sent to you shortly after. This way you can watch it again and again. So – you won’t miss a thing and make the most out of the time at Mastering Academy.

It doesn’t matter if you have a professional mixing/mastering studio or mix on tiny speakers in your bedroom. Actually you’d be surprised to know how many commercially successful releases were mixed on moderate setups. Of course it’s great to have incredible speakers but it’s not a must. On the contrary – our goal is to teach you to get the most out of your setup. We are glad to show you everything we know how to achieve industry-standards basically on any system.

Don’t worry here either. We thought of that. We are partnered with a pro-audio company MAAT and issue you a license for top plugins like equalisers and analysing tools for the time of your education. This way we support you and ensure that all of our students have the same tools at their disposal. You fell in love with those tools? You can purchase them afterwards by getting a huge discount.

We want to ensure that you are well prepared. Our coaching atmosphere is relaxed and warm. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy. As we’re working on a very high level, it can get intense. For the sake of all students we want everyone to be prepared for the live coaching. You can always ask any question at all times! That’s our rule – there are no stupid questions, just stupid peaks! (You’ll understand it when taking part in our coaching ;)) But, if we can prepare you beforehand, it will safe time during the coaching, benefit everyone involved and help you get the most out of our educational program.

Yes. You will get a lot of pre-recorded modules that will help you learn crucial tactics to achieve great and consistent results. Additionally you will have a chance to ask all your questions during our weekly 1-hour long Q&A. This already will push your work to new levels. If you will feel like wanting to take part in our Pro Mixing/Mastering Coaching – good news, PowerHouse qualifies you for the Pro Coaching and you’ll be able to begin straight away.

Our Pro Mixing Coaching won’t let any box unchecked. We will teach you live, based on your own audio material.

We will ask you to deliver a mix, will analyze it live with you, point you to your strengths and your weaknesses, mix it live explaining every move and ask you to deliver a new version in a couple of weeks, using the knowledge that you have acquired. This will repeat two more times. During the coaching you will hear the same procedure with other students, benefit from learning from their mistakes and skills, and boosting your experience by listening to different genres and techniques useful in each particular case.

In the final session we will master your final mix and analyze if it’s mastering ready. After the successful completion of the Pro Mixing Coaching you will get a certificate about completion of the program by the mastering Academy.

Our Pro Mastering Coaching will teach you everything you need to know about mastering to be able to deliver competitive world-class results.

We will teach you live based on your own audio material. We will ask you to deliver a mix and your mastering of it, analyse it live with you, point you to your strengths and your weaknesses, master it ourselves showing you the exact steps we did and which tools we’ve used. After that, every student in the group gets a chance to master your track to be analysed live by us and be compared to each other. This is an extremely rare opportunity to get a crucial amount of experience and input by seeing this process for many different genres, since you will get the opportunity to work on your fellow student’s tracks as well!

For the final round we will ask you to master a mix that we will provide and compare all masters afterwards. After the successful completion of the Pro Mastering Coaching you will get a certificate about completion of the program by the mastering Academy and will be registered as a mastering engineer licensed for MFIT/Apple Masters.

Don’t worry if you’re not super experienced. Everyone began somewhere. First of all – the free and unbinding call by one of our team members is meant to get to know you, your level of knowledge and goal, so we can find the right program or group for you.

Secondly – our pre-recorded material is meant to bring you on a great level of knowledge before the live coaching begins. So, if you lack on knowledge, it will be covered before you even began with the actual personal education. And how good is the fact, that you won’t be left alone with all the new information and questions that will come up!

We’re there for you to show you everything live, analyze your work and answer your questions. Last but not least – wise people say – the one in the room who knows the least is the one who learns the most. Don’t be afraid of new challenges, just find the right place where you’ll be addressed thoroughly – with the Mastering Academy you actually have already found it.

First things first – if you’re reading this, you’re searching for a place to learn something. So there are at least some uncertainties that you would like to address. Plus… it doesn’t have to be you, but there are many successful guys who learned a lot through trial&error and kind of somehow always managed to make the gig. And that’s amazing and for sure a proof of a strong will! But especially here many knowledge gaps can be found.

These lead to an unnecessary uncertainty, the one that maybe doesn’t even make your work worse, but often makes you simply unhappy. We are used to situations where our more experienced students are asking questions if they did something right the way they did it for years and when we answer with a yes – it’s a big relief and builds confidence. And confidence is everything. Confidence means getting a job or not. Charging fair prices or not. Sleeping well or not.

Additionally, and that applies to all of us – the more we do something, the more we build strong habits. If your habits are great strategies based on knowledge and experience – great! You’re saving time. But even here, it is truly refreshing to break out of habits and find new strategies and techniques. That’s why many of our past and actual students are Grammy Winning engineers who know how valuable it can be to change your room interior or screen wallpaper. Of course we’re not talking about your interior or screen wallpaper here. But even that… Try it. It’s good. Seriously.

Yeah, some people believe that. No one knows everything and everyone who has ever believed that has been disabused at some point. Learning is a never ending journey and we are proud to be an important part of it for now several hundred of students.

Both works and you’re welcome to chose whatever works best for you. If you need to stretch the payments – don’t worry, we got you covered. You can split your installment in the amount of monthly rates equal to the length of your educational program. 3 months – 3 rates. 6 months – 6 rates. Sounds fair? We think so.

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