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Join our highly successful students who achieved their dreams by taking industry-leading mixing & mastering-classes led by one of the most recognized coaches in the industry, Friedemann Tischmeyer.  


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Pro Mixing Coaching

Coaching till your reference sound is reached

Learn a unique industry-leading mixing workflow

Live feedback on your mixes from our top coaches

Become financially independent as mixing engineer


Pro Mastering Coaching

Pitch your master with fellow students and a worldclass Mastering Engineer

Regular live feedback on your work

Learn industry-leading mastering techniques

Become listed as Apple Digital Master eligible Engineer


Meet your headcoach Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann Tischmeyer is one of the most recognized audio coaches in the industry. He is not only the founder and head coach at Mastering Academy but also created renowned music production companies like the high end plugin company MAAT.digital and is consultant to many companies leading the audio space such as PreSonus, Steinberg, Apple, Sony or Yamaha.

Friedemann Tischmeyer has mastered for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Johnny Cash & Iron Maiden.

As the inventor of the dynamic range he is also pioneer & influencer in digital mixing and mastering. He published several reference books such as Internal Mixing selling copies around the world.


What our students are saying..


“It has been an amazing experience! I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot. And I’m so thankful to you all for share your knowledges in such a natural way.” 

Carlos Hernandez

Mastering Engineer
4x Latin Grammy Winner