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In this Vocal Production Module we will cover all crucial steps from the very start of the recording process to the finalization of your mix. This includes topics such as

  • Recording Setup
  • Mic-Preamps
  • Cable
  • Track Counts
  • Vocal Comping
  • Cleaning
  • Routing and Grouping
  • Tuning, including Auto Tune and Melodyne
  • Different approaches to De-Essing 

which is super crucial because nothing is more annoying than harsh and uncontrolled sibilants as well as over treated sibilants which tend to lisps. Furthermore we cover 

  • EQing
  • Compression
  • Parallel Compression,
  • Application of Reverb and Delay
  • Distortion and Filtering

and finally it’s about the integration of your vocals into the mix so that both melts together to a unity.

This Module includes:

What our students say about us.....

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Ludger Sauer Audio Engineer & Songwriter

"I was always missing the last five to ten percent,
where I said there's still head room there.
Your Coaching granted me a much deeper understanding of the mixing and mastering processes of audio."

Mastering Academy | Pro Mixing Coaching | Testimonial DJ Leon Sargon
DJ Leo Sargon Renowed DJ

“Can’t explain the level of development,
my mixes sound 9853 times better I’ve been producing for 10 years now and I wish I did this course years ago!”

Mastering Academy | Manfred Stöckel with Certificate
Manfred Stöckel Recording Engineer

“Influenced my work in any aspect.
Kind of obligation for everybody
with the claim to deal very
professional and advanced with digital audio!”