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Pro Mastering Coaching | Friedemann Tischmeyer about the Coaching
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When Mastering, do you struggle with following things?

You don’t manage to get the sound that compares to your favorite productions?

There is a lack of consistency in your work?

You get stuck over and over again in your own workflow? You have no one to ask in person, no mentor? You have nobody to pitch with and get honest feedback?

At Mastering Academy, we have helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams and goals as mastering engineers. We provide coaching programs through which you acquire not only the skills but also the experience and decision-making convidence you need. Our approach is fast, effective, proven and fun.

You learn the complete knowledge base around mastering and apply it practically. As first company we offer a holistic skill enhancement with a perfect balance of theory, coaching, and hands-on training to become certified Mastering Engineer.

You still don’t believe us? Just check out our Facebook reviews and meet students who overcame those problems.
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You can spend a lot of $$$ with other academies or get the best results for way less money with us: If you research for alternative academies, you will quickly find that they are more expensive and won’t offer you working with some of the world’s top coaches.

To save you some time (and because we know exactly that the competition is far from the value that we offer 😉 ), here are your next best options:

1. Berklee costs between $1,197 and $3,957.

2. At SAE you can do an audio diploma course for $23,774.25.

3. Hofa-College also has only a diploma for $3,942.

4. Some random people with no coaching track record whatsoever. Just because they produced some good songs doesn’t mean they are great at teaching you. Matter of fact, many will not take the time to answer your individual problems and questions.

And now the most impressive part: Many of our students went to SAE, Berklee, Hofa and didn’t get the results they wanted, so they ended up with us.

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At Mastering Academy we focus all our resources on our students. We don’t have a big administration. It is our goal to help as many producers and engineers as possible and become known for the best quality education in the industry.

We are passionate about being the underdog and beating overpriced competitors by helping you achieve your goals.

Since we offer a highly individual approach to our students we don’t have fixed prices. That’s why it’s important to schedule a consultation to determine your goals and needs and how much it takes to get to your goal.

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How we lead you to your goal?

Skills you will learn

You’ll become a Certified Mastering Engineer

The course starts with a comprehensive imparting of a wealth of knowledge and theory in connection with exercises accompanied by ongoing live Q&A sessions.

In the next step we develop up to 10 mastering processes until we have achieved our aim of a high level competitive and release-ready master.

After individual appointment coordination, you master an EP with all commissioned deliverables within 48 hours. We analyze your result meticulously and give you a final feedback in connection with the evaluation. You become certified mastering engineer.

You’ll work with us until you reach your goal.

The course will strengthen your decision-making-ability when building up your mastering chain so that you learn to create high level competitive masters. Through a weekly iterations process of lessons, Q&As & feedback you stay with us until you reach the desired skill level, a super solid workflow and feel 100% comfortable finishing your productions in a timely manner.

You’ll get regular feedback on your masters.

You will receive detailed feedback on your mastering chain and work. We pitch the masters of the participants to each other and learn from them about the choice and setting of the tools used. An uncompressed audio connection from our studio to your work place doesn’t require you to go somewhere and you don’t have to readjust in a completely new work environment.

It’s always important to consider the return on any investment, especially in times when the budget for training is tight!

These are the things that our students do to get a huge return on their investment almost immediately after they complete the program. We strongly recommend that you make use of them as well:

  1. Publish and spread your new, improved quality mixes to impress potential clients. It’s the most proven way to acquire clients and start or grow your business as a producer or engineer. It’s likely that your investment will have paid off with only 1 new job.
  2. If you already have customers, they will be willing to pay more because your production quality is much better. If you already have customers, they will be willing to pay more because your production quality is much better. Use the testimonials of your customers on ongoing projects and spread them on Social Media.
    Our students often report to get excited feedback about the short-term improvement of your output quality months before they finish the program.
  3. You will need a fraction of the time to finish your productions, so make use of that by delivering more productions in the same amount of time and without compromising the quality.
  4. With your new and improved mixing skills, you should network and start collaborating with established producers and engineers. If someone is really good at mixing, they typically have too much work and need someone to delegate some of it. This is an excellent way to apply your new skills and get paid without you having to acquire customers.
  5. Collaborate and partner with fellow students in the Mastering Academy Network. If you set and commit to goals together, chances of achieving them are often more than 75% higher and with that comes a high likelihood that you will get paid much sooner than if you keep working on your own.

And of course, don’t forget to deduct training expenses from your taxes.

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While we are having well known students who won the Grammy or worked with some of the most successful popstars, our students come from all places in life. Some want to get out of their current job and transition fully into music. Others have already a successful career as music producer and just want to sharpening their skills.

Since we offer individual coachings we are open to everyone who is motivated and brings basic knowledge.

If you want to know more about other students please ask our representative in the consultation call.

If we determine that you are a good fit for us we will make everything possible to reserve a seat for you. However, since we offer individually tailored coachings, we will decide on a case-to-case basis. The first step for you is to book a consultation call by clicking the button below.
Pro Mastering Coaching Session

Your Headcoach

Friedemann Tischmeyer

Friedemann Tischmeyer is one of the most recognized audio coaches in the industry.

He is not only the founder and head coach at Mastering Academy but also created renowned music production companies like the high end plugin company and is consultant to many companies leading the audio space such as PreSonus, Steinberg, Apple, Sony or Yamaha.

Mastering Academy | Pro Mastering Coaching | Testimonial Alan Silverman, Mastering Engineer, 60+ Grammys
Alan Silverman International Respected Mastering Engineer with 60+ Grammys


“Hi Friedemann, Definitely the best recipe for teaching mastering I came across so far.”

Mastering Academy | Pro Mastering Coaching | Testimonial Guy James Cohen, Mastering Engineer
Guy James Cohen Mastering Engineer

“I gained a great deal of understanding that I previously didn’t fully understand even coming from many years of engineering audio.”

Bildschirmfoto 2022 08 17 um 10.52.37
Ludger Sauer Audio Engineer & Songwriter | Issa Musik

“I was always missing the last five to ten percent, where I said there's still head room there. Your coaching granted me a much deeper understanding of the mixing and mastering processes of audio.”

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