Learn how to create more consistent and better mixing results in less time.


5-weeks knowledge infusion package containing six video modules, 5 live Q&A sessions and one final one-on-one mix review session.
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The Mixing Powerhouse is Mastering Academy’s comprehensive preparation block required to enter into the actual mixing coaching.

In other words: It is the first part of the Pro Mixing Coaching program. Following our student’s demand we now offer our Mixing Powerhouse prep block as a separate product for those who want to short-cut the mixing coaching. The Mixing Powerhouse is a combo of 6 video modules accompanied by live Q&A sessions with our top coaches.

This program covers a very wide range of systematic mixing techniques and strategies from concepts, known from Friedemann Tischmeyer’s Internal Mixing to advanced accelerators like Mastering Academy‘s Stem Mixing Strategy and Level Staging Strategy, to mention a few. This program is the basis to achieve better and more consistent mastering-ready mixes in less time. With entering into this program you follow the steps of hundreds of successful pro mixing engineers, including a bunch of Grammy winners, who ran through this program before you.

Finishing this program qualifies for entering into the Mixing Coaching. 

This package include:

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Ludger Sauer Audio Engineer & Songwriter

"I was always missing the last five to ten percent,
where I said there's still head room there.
Your Coaching granted me a much deeper understanding of the mixing and mastering processes of audio."

Mastering Academy | Pro Mixing Coaching | Testimonial DJ Leon Sargon
DJ Leo Sargon Renowed DJ

“Can’t explain the level of development,
my mixes sound 9853 times better I’ve been producing for 10 years now and I wish I did this course years ago!”

Mastering Academy | Manfred Stöckel with Certificate
Manfred Stöckel Recording Engineer

“Influenced my work in any aspect.
Kind of obligation for everybody with the claim to deal very professional and advanced with digital audio!”