Learn industry leading systematic concepts to reshape your mastering skills to become a pro


Comprehensive 10-weeks mastering knowledge infusion with 15+ video modules accompanied by live Q&A sessions.

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The Mastering Power House is the preparation course for the subsequent Mastering Coaching.

The Mastering Power House is actually included in the big Pro Mastering Coaching program but people have asked us again and again if we can offer the first block as a stand alone course. And here we are.

The Mastering Power House is the most complete and advanced course on Audio Mastering on the market which includes 15+ Video Modules with exercises and 10 live Q&A sessions which are recorded and available as a replay for you.

If you feel the desire to further enroll for the subsequent coaching including the examination to become certified mastering engineer, this course qualifies you.

This package include:

Entry Requirements:

It makes sense that participants have mastered the art of mixing at least in a reasonable fashion. Some mastering practice is appreciated but not required.

Does this course make sense for you?

This course is targeted for engineers who want to make mastering become their profession as well as for passionate and encouraged producers and mixing engineers who want to learn more about mastering to make better mixes by extending the skill set vastly and get empowered to

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Ludger Sauer Audio Engineer & Songwriter

"I was always missing the last five to ten percent,
where I said there's still head room there.
Your Coaching granted me a much deeper understanding of the mixing and mastering processes of audio."

Mastering Academy | Pro Mixing Coaching | Testimonial DJ Leon Sargon
DJ Leo Sargon Renowed DJ

“Can’t explain the level of development,
my mixes sound 9853 times better I’ve been producing for 10 years now and I wish I did this course years ago!”

Mastering Academy | Manfred Stöckel with Certificate
Manfred Stöckel Recording Engineer

“Influenced my work in any aspect.
Kind of obligation for everybody with the claim to deal very professional and advanced with digital audio!”