How to convert a typical rectangular office room into a well calibrated Dolby-certified Dolby Atmos room for a reasonable budget.


Release expected by the end of 2023.
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studio acoustic box final
Render Pre Build Neu V2 1

Rendering draft of the finished room

This is probably the most comprehensive video documentary tutorial on studio acoustics to give you a vast amount of inspirational insights about every single decision we made during the process of converting an average rectangular non-ideal 25m² office room into a premium small Dolby-certified 7.1.4 room with an almost flat room response with 220ms RT60 (Reverb Time of 220 ms).

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The decision making process of the studio design was accompanied by studio acoustician Dennis Busch of

Friedemann and Dennis are discussing how to use the room in terms of finding the best sweet spot, discussing the pros and cons of a spheric setup with equal distance to the speakers versus a setup with a delay-compensated loudspeaker setup which gives more usable room. Down the journey numerous questions from studio electric to lighting and audio wiring arise and get answered.

The video shows simple and easy possibilities to measure the room response and track progress. This documentary offers for the first time the possibility to experience the acoustic progress with the help of binaural dummy head recordings plus a set of regular impulse responses. Based on these IRs you can experience the progress of the construction with your own ears which allows you to grasp how much impact every single step has on the ability to make typical audio engineering decisions. You can even run your own mix through the different impulse responses to get a sense of the power of proper room treatment and room correction versus an untreated room.

If you want to learn about the improvement potential of a Trinnov Room Correction system installed in an already well treated room, here you are: You can hear the difference with and without Trinnov D-Mon based on our sound samples or even by running your own references through the impulse responses.

This is Fritz, our dummy head, which is exactly placed at the perfect sweet spot for all binaural recordings. The loudspeakers are also exactly placed at the final place of installment throughout the building process.

This is included:

*Playing time: TBA
Temporal Decay im unbehandelten Raum
Temporal Decay of untreated room
Temporal Decay im behandelten Raum
Temporal Decay of treated room (estimation based on rendering forecast)

Entry Requirements:

This video is as interesting for engineers with regular stereo studio setups as for people looking to explore the world of 3D-sound including home cinema enthusiasts. You will gain great and deep insight into the world of acoustic room treatments and every single inspiration is already worth more than the price of the whole course.

Does this course make sense for you?

  • You produce music or other audio mixes but they translate poorly to the outside world?
  • You are tired of adapting the suboptimal room response and look for improvement?
  • Do you use low quality room optimization software which does not fully satisfy you?

If any of these points is a yes, this is definitely the right program for you.

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Excerpt from planning phase