This week at Mastering Academy #2

This week at Mastering Academy #2

Much work takes up most of my time, but little is interesting. Therefore, this week’s blog post is shorter than last. I’m doing office stuff and video editing, so nothing spectacular, but I like to point out some topics that may interest you.

Friedemann in a live talk at

This week at Mastering Academy#2 | Dennis Gastreich from Music Tutorials 

On September 1st Friedemann Tischmeyer, CEO of the Mastering Academy, was a guest in the live talk at Denis Gastreich, CEO and founder of, the master class for the production of electronic music in Ableton Live, had an exciting conversation with Friedemann about music production, mixing, mastering and much more.

You can find a recording of the discussion on the Youtube channel of Music-Tutorials.

But I have it linked for you right here. Sadly it is only in German.

R4X Headphone OlloAudio

Partnership with Ollo Audio | new student & partner discount

You can also access our exclusive partner discounts if you attend one of our coaching sessions at the Mastering Academy. As you might have noticed on our Facebook or Instagram, we have achieved cooperation with the Slovenian high-end headphone manufacturer Ollo Audio. This cooperation was born out of the experience that our coach Farzad Rahnavard gained from mastering Cro‘s album “Trip” with the S4X Reference Headphones by Ollo Audio.

After giving the headphones to the team at our mastering studio in Hamburg for a test listen, it was clear that they are so good that they easily compete with the legendary Sennheiser HD 650. We needed them for ourselves and our students. You and our other students can now take advantage of a new exclusive partner discount. If you are interested, please feel free to approach our coaches during the Q&As or the coaching sessions.

A few personal words about these headphones:

I own an HD 650 and can say that I like the neutral sound of the S4X Reference Headphones better. I also like the overall concept of Ollo Audio very much. The headphones are built sustainably. Except for the jacket insulation of the cable, no plastic is used, not even in the packaging. Wood and metal are the primary construction materials for these headphones. The fit is the best I’ve ever experienced with a pair of headphones. I don’t want it to seem like advertising. It’s simply my honest opinion about these headphones. If you ever have the opportunity, I can only recommend trying the headphones from Ollo Audio.

Mastering Academy GmbH Team BBQ in Hamburg

Team-building activity during a break between two sessions

There are many reasons why people enjoy working at the Mastering Academy. The small, collegial team is one of them. For example, in the sunny weather between two sessions, the CEO surprised the coaches and staff at our headquarters in Hamburg by having a barbecue. I caught this before and took a photo. Such team-building activities are one of the reasons why it is a pleasure to work at the Mastering Academy.

So, stop by on YouTube to watch  Friedemann Tischmeyer’s conversation with Denis Gastreich. For feedback and suggestions about this blog, feel free to write me at [email protected]. I’m always happy to read your suggestions Thanks for your interest. Until next week I wish you all the best! It would be great if you can share this Post.

Yours, Thomas Heuer